About Us

House of Auth, LLC has launched it's energy drink newly named GRIPP ENERGY...our intent, to provide an ultra-premium energy beverage for those interested in a cleaner source of energy.

GRIPP features 10 lightly-carbonated explosive flavors, starting with our original line up: LEMON LIME, PINEAPPLE, WHITE GRAPE, PINK GRAPEFRUIT AND ROOT BEER, at 150 mg caffeine per bottle.

We are excited to unveil our NEW sugar-free lineup: ULTRA ORANGE and PINK GRAPEFRUIT at only 5 calories and 175 mg of caffeine per bottle.

We have added 2  "EXTRA STRENGTH" flavors: BLUE RASPBERRY and FRUIT PUNCH with 200mg of caffeine for that extra get up and go.

If you love ROOT BEER we have got you covered too with our new low calorie version with just 10 calories. 

What sets GRIPP apart from the other "popular" energy drinks? GRIPP energy drink uses real Cane sugar and Stevia, no High Fructose Corn Syrup like our competitors. We incorporate Glucosamine, Folic Acid and Biotin, that are included in our 14 vitamins and mineral infused combination that successfully enhances the natural caffeine and gives you the energy you need with "NO Taurine". GRIPP is Gluten Free and Vegan friendly and Kosher Certified. This is not what only sets us apart... GRIPP Is the only functional bottle, our patented design over cap allows the consumer to reseal and carry their GRIPP hands-free.


GRIPP is not just a beverage...it's a life-style