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UFC Gets a Gripp

UFC Gets a Gripp

This weekend, Gripp Energy Drink made a trip to New York!

On Friday, December 1, Gripp sponsored lightweight kickboxing fighter "SUPER" Elvis Gashi as he took on Nate Richardson at Glory 48 live from Madison Square Garden! Gripp was on hand to keep Gashi's energy up through the fight. Gashi ruled the ring and was announced winner by decision over Richardson.

Elvis Gashi

After Friday's fight night, we were too pumped up to leave New York just yet.

Gripp headed up to Mahopac for UFC Gym's grand opening and spent Saturday sharing our product and our story with the lovely ladies attending the Women's Self Defense class as well as the awesome MMA strikers taking lessons from MMA and MUAY Kickboxing Champion "Razor Rob" McCullough.

UFC Gym Grand Opening