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Indoor MX Gets a Gripp

Indoor MX Gets a Gripp

Gripp kicked off the new year at the track and added a new kind of racing to our sponsorship repertoire:  Indoor Motorcross!

Tyler Mitchell Drinks White Grape Gripp

January was jam-packed with energy-inducing MX at the WNC Agricultural Center in Asheville, North Carolina. Gripp was set up and ready for action on the weekends to enjoy the races, promote our product and support our rider, the #16 Tyler Mitchell.

Mitchell hit the track in style, fueled by his favorite White Grape Gripp and sporting his signature Gripp-green gear. Tyler rocked it out both on and off the track and helped us share our unique brand of energy with other Indoor MX riders and fans.

Tyler Mitchell and Ashton Higgins with Gripp Supertruck

Pictured Above:

Ashton Higgins, Southeast Super Truck driver, and Tyler Mitchell, Indoor MX rider.

Higgins and Mitchell are sponsored by Gripp for the 2018 race seasons.