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Gripp Newsletter  -  September 2017

Gripp Newsletter - September 2017

Gripp Energy All-Star Tour

This race season, Gripp partnered with the Southeast Super Truck Series to present the Gripp Energy All-Star Tour and hosted a series of Pit Stop Competitions in cooperation with Food City. We hit the road with the  Super Trucks this September to bring the competition to Kingsport and Newport Speedway. During the Pit Stop Competition, Food City staff members race against the clock to service the Gripp Energy Super Truck. The Gripp gang always has a good time cheering on competitors. We are proud to have been a part of this series and are very thankful for the connections that we’ve made along the way as well as the opportunities that we were given to showcase our one-of-a-kind product.

Pit Stop Competition


Vandyke Rules Race Season

A huge congratulations goes out to Mr. Kres VanDyke on another amazing race season! Kres was named the 2017 Track Champion at both Kingsport Speedway and Lonesome Pine Raceway in early September and was  also recognized as the Tennessee State Champion! Our thanks goes out to Kres and his entire racing team for  putting in the hard work it takes to become a true champion. We’re proud to say Kres is fueled by Gripp!


Kres Vandyke's Racecar


Friday Night Lights


Richlands Cheerleader and Football Player

Gripp is bringing the energy to the Richlands Blue Tornado football team this season. With five games under their belts so far, we’re excited to see where this season takes them. If you find yourself in Blue Tornado territory on a Friday night, make plans to come out and support our boys in blue! We’ve got the energy boost covered, but we know the applause of our  dedicated fans goes a long way, too!


 Richlands Football Player


Get a Gripp!

Just Fish’n (Bristol), Bully’s Market (Bristol), Bull Park Market (Bristol), Andy’s Market (Bristol), Dyna Body By Lee (Abingdon), Richlands Pharmacy (Richlands), Merchant’s Citgo (Knoxville), The Health Shop (Knoxville), Nutrishop (Knoxville) + Black Diamond Markets, Double Kwiks & Food Cities!